Are men naturally better looking than women?

Posted: March 6, 2013 in Beauty, Women
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For the last few days whenever I have been leafing through a newspaper or a magazine all I have seen are a spate of advertisements and discounts for make-up and creams that would make women better looking on International Women’s Day (March 8) and Mother’s Day (March 10). You can’t blame the advertisers for this because we women do need our make-up.

Recently I went to my locality studio to re-print my passport size photos but they had lost my file photos because of a virus attack. So I needed to get new snaps done. I hit the panic button. I had unwashed hair, tied in a ponytail and pushed back with a hair band. I had my specs on and not contact lenses. Then I fretted, “I am not wearing kajal and lipstick. How can I take a photograph like this?”

I was instantly put in my place by my husband. He said, “Are you going to find a match with this snap? No! Right? Get on with the photograph and don’t waste time.” The staff at the studio liked the joke and laughed and I glumly sat in front of the camera. Thankfully the deft studio guys quickly made me look like Deepika Padukone after Photoshop. And yes, I did look like I had make-up on. I quickly moved from glum to jovial.

This incident got me thinking. We women have become truly dependent on make-up. I salute those who don’t carry eyeliner and lipsticks in their bags and quickly fetch out a small mirror to replenish the gloss (thankfully I still know few women who don’t). Frankly, I haven’t yet managed to have my bag make-up free.

The question is if most men don’t need make-up to look good why do we? Maybe they don’t because they are naturally more good looking and maybe we do because we have not come to terms with our natural self in front of the mirror.

Although on a walk out with my son I don’t wear make-up but if I am out for my freelance assignments or attending events or parties I can’t do without it. I fear being judged for my “lack of grooming.” So once again society (or for that matter all those cosmetics manufacturing companies who make money out of me) have drilled into my head that I am not complete without make-up and I am bowing down to that perception.

When I arrived in Dubai I used to initially wonder how all the women in my office had their make-up perfectly in place all day when my lipstick was gone with the morning cup of coffee. I soon realized it had to do with touch ups every two hours with a folding make-up bag (holding every possible brand of cosmetic) rolled out in front of the mirror in the washroom. This sight used to really intrigue me.

And I was pretty shocked once when one of my woman bosses in Dubai decided to hire a girl despite knowing she was not too good at her job, only because she was, to put it in my boss’ words, “well put together”.

I have even seen if a woman does not wear make-up for a job interview employers sometimes, instead of taking a look at her impressive CV, quickly dub her “shabby”.

I wonder where this thing came from – that women will have to wear make-up to look good and be “presentable”. Make-up should have been an accessory to enhance our beauty if needed but it has become a necessity in modern life. Such a necessity, that we feel less and less confident in front of the mirror without it.

This is something that does not feature in a man’s radar that’s why I say they naturally look and feel good. Nowadays there are so many products for men in the market and treatments offered in the salons too. I am not saying men don’t go for it but it’s not in their psyche that they can’t do without it.

Yesterday, I was browsing through some with and without make-up snaps published in MSN and I realized Kim Kardashian looks so much better without make-up. Much better than the extended eye-lashes, over-done pouty look she flaunts most of the time. (Ok…ok I know she is ‘naturally’ so made-up anyway but still…)

Kim without make-up

Kim without make-up

Kim with make-up

Kim with make-up

I couldn't find a make-up free snap of Aishwarya Rai. Sigh!

I couldn’t find a make-up free snap of Aishwarya Rai. Sigh!

In fact, I remember once Aishwarya Rai was shooting in Kolkata and I caught up with her for an interview at 6am. She was leaving the hotel for shooting and did not have any make-up on. She looked ethereal. I have never seen any women with such lovely skin and beautiful eyes. To me she looked thousand times more beautiful sans make-up than she does with it.

But will she go to a press conference without make-up? No way. (And chances are she will be criticized if she did so.) But I have seen Hrithik Roshan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Saif Ali Khan doing exactly that- attending press conferences and events without make-up.

So are men naturally better looking than women then? Not really. But in my opinion they have learned to embrace their natural looks more wholeheartedly. Something we haven’t done yet.

But will we ever?

Darn!! I can’t find that foundation I bought yesterday that will make me look like I don’t have any make-up on. Err…sorry what was I saying?

  1. Umm.. very true 🙂 In fact I will have to admit that I feel less confident when I go out without makeup .Very silly if you come to think about it but true. But I think I have been able to overcome it a little bit. At least there are few days I come to the office ( and stay whole day ) without makeup these days , but I cannot still dare doing that when I have an imp meeting or when I m going out for dinner .Sigh!

    • amritaspeaks says:

      Thank you Ballari for your honest comment. You are absolutely right. On regular office days we might sometimes go without make-up but on important meeting dates you feel you are missing something.

  2. i mean, what should i say.. wonderful!
    as a man, i still prefer a low makeup look or a no makeup look of a woman,, seriously.. but i don’t know..

  3. Nayanee says:

    Well, this reminds me of the essay that we had to write for the admission test at Presidency College, socio dept: “Preoccupation with Body beautification”!
    As always you have hit the nail on the head, I think. Though my purse is not make-up free and I dont see it happening in the immediate future, I concur with you whole -heartedly on what has happened to most of us who have got to using make-up. Good for people like Jaydipda and my father for their clear-sightedness. Thanks to Baba’s abhorrence and Ma’s half-forgetfulness and lethargy I still live with a lady who uses only petroleum jelly, even for weddings! I remember school and even college days when we would prance around the city, so full of ourselves, without a care about the paint quotient of the face. In fact we (I speak in the plural because I cant remember any of my close gal pals who would be an exception to this) would have stared amazed had someone told us of our present mindset then.
    I love the clarity with which you have brought out this state of mind.One feels lighter just reading it.In the work-sphere (employment concerns) this is perhaps true for most professions. However the academia does not put this pressure on most of us, my brush-strokes sprouted from an urge to experiment and not compulsion initially. Your blog is a precious reminder that I and no one else can switch the Bunsen burner off 🙂

    • amritaspeaks says:

      Thanks Nayanee,
      For your ind-epth comment. And yes you are so right the academia is probably spared this pressure to doll up. But that’s in India I am not too sure about elsewhere. And three cheers to your petroleum jelly 🙂


  4. Nayanee says:

    True, elsewhere it must be more formal. In fact the Indian stereotype of the “academic look” is hardly internationally synced.

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