The Facebook life of our fabulous children

Posted: August 4, 2017 in Children, Indian Media, Indian Women, parenting, survival, Women

I had started to write this post in a certain way. A visit to Facebook changed it completely though. And I am glad it did because this post is undeniably about Facebook and social media.

I chanced upon this picture of this lady in a golden gown, looking like she would pop any moment. There was her husband kneeling down and kissing her bulging tummy. The picture had been clicked by a professional photographer whose credit was also given there.

I should have gone, “Aww, how cute!” but I cringed instead. I somehow felt this was the most private moment of an expectant couple that they had not left any stones unturned to turn public. But that is what social media is all about isn’t it? Making the private public and ensuring the public desire that private.

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  1. BOBBY CHAKRABORTY (actor activist) says:

    Dear Amrita Di…read the very relevant,topical article of the burning issue…of how to use fb or any other virtual platform constructively. The situation is grim…yes! Grim! I see children,often as young as in the 6th or 7th standard ,sharing obscenities,speaking on a public platform in unimaginably obscene languages…even as their parents,teachers,seniors are in the profile! I sulk!! As you pointed out it is solely the duty of of the elders to explain…A NET IS ENTWINED…A PUBLIC PLATFORM IS INTERCONNECTED …YOUR BEHAVIOUR IS JUDGED WITH YOUR SCHOOL,YOUR PARENTS,YOUR TEACHERS,OTHER FRIENDS WHO PERHAPS KNOW THE DISCIPLINE BUT ARE BLACKENED TOO…!!
    This virtual world CAN’T BE HARNESSED till it is the judgement day,so the only option for us elders is to teach the children,perhaps right from birth,the pros and cons and learn to filter! Thanks. Regards and respects.

    • amritaspeaks says:

      Dear Bobby,
      Thank you very much for your pertinent comment. Do you think a social media sensitisation workshop with school children could be the way ahead? Let me know your views.

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