Salman Khan was not being human to me

Posted: July 16, 2014 in Environment, Indian Media, Men, survival, Women, WPrightnow
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Salman Khan (photograph from the internet)

Salman Khan (photograph from the internet)

Controversy’s favourite child Salman Khan has done it again. This time he has rubbed the media the wrong way. At the promotion of his film Kick, his bouncers roughed up a few photographers while Salman added insult to injury saying that those who wanted to stay back, could do so and the rest could carry on (read details

While the photographers have come together and put a ban on clicking this Khan till July 25, the date of release of his film, many Khan friends and associates are putting the blame on them for being too aggressive and high-handed.

While reading this report my interaction with Salman Khan in 2009 came to my mind. He had come to Dubai to promote his film London Dreams. He was supposed to make a late night entry and the PR who was coordinating with us accordingly, even told us that we might have to hop in to his hotel as late as 11pm or even midnight. Salman never arrived and the PR stopped taking calls.

A couple of days later another PR informed us that he would meet the press at Grand Hyatt at a more reasonable time, 12noon, and he was willing to give one-on-one interviews. When I arrived, we were told that he was running late so all journalists were asked to gather together as an informal press conference.

I was particularly keen to meet Salman because most of my journo friends said that he was a delight to interview. One even went on to say that in the explosive quotes department, Salman might just take second place to Rakhi Sawant if he was in the right mood.

I was disappointed that there would be no one-on-one interaction, but I was more than happy to see that I had been given a chair just next to Salman’s empty one.

I always thought among the Khans, Salman was the only one who had really shaped up like good wine – he had become more handsome with age, more entertaining, a better dancer and a better person, considering that when he broke up with Aishwarya he went and broke down her apartment door and then when he broke up with Katrina he let her have a life with Ranbir…or whoever…minus the threats and the persecution from him.

I had really started liking his Being Human endeavours and wanted to ask him a host of questions on that.

Salman entered the room, looking as handsome as ever, his long hair tied back with a hair band – a fashion statement not many people could carry off. He came and sat next to me. Then my troubles started.

Salman lit a cigarette. I was three months pregnant then but wasn’t showing or hadn’t broken the news to my other journo friends present there. And I felt odd breaking the news like that in order to stop Salman Khan from smoking. So I started thinking quickly.

I told him, “I am acutely allergic to cigarette smoke. Can you please not smoke?”

Salman did not say a word but kept looking at me unapologetically as he took another drag from the cigarette.

My mind was racing. I thought that just for sitting next to Salman Khan I could not expose my unborn to cigarette smoke. I quickly got up and told him that I needed to sit far away from him. He just shrugged.

I found a place at the farthest corner of the room. I shouted my questions from there and he shouted back his answers. I even managed to snap him out of his disinterested mood by asking questions on Being Human, the only thing he was ready to talk about apart from London Dreams of course.

Later on I thought would Salman have stopped smoking if I had told him that I was pregnant? I have my doubts. Because allergy to cigarette smoke is a grave enough reason to make anyone stop smoking. In fact, it’s basic human courtesy to stop smoking if anyone says he/she finds it uncomfortable to inhale cigarette smoke for health reasons. I feel this basic courtesy applies to film stars also. And I have met many stars who are actually courteous enough to ask, “Can I smoke?” before they light up.

But Salman treated me with the same attitude he extended towards the photographers at the Mumbai event – stay if you want to, go if you want to. I came back with a very bitter taste in my mouth but I was happy I could take my stand, not expose my baby to the smoke toxins and get my job done, get the interview that is.

PS: It’s another matter that my 4-year-old son is now a big Salman Khan fan.


  1. Samrajni Sengupta says:

    So many things… are behind the curtain.. and we never ever know about them.. thanks for the story… U know that I am a big fan of your writing. Love to read your blogs just because the strong truth in the stories.

  2. Chandrani says:

    Always love to read your bold & very true write up… Amrita…

  3. Hums says:

    he probably didnt hear you amongst all that noise 😉 leave the skeletons in the closet missy

  4. Bobby Chakraborty says:

    Hahaha!! Notwithstanding the irony of the fan following part,It was a delightful treat yet again to read it Amrita di…i applaud you for your stand…have come across very many such being human beings,who have no respect for their lives nor the others!!

    • amritaspeaks says:

      Dear Bobby,
      Thank you for your kind words. it is even more shocking because this came from a person who was out to changes lives with his NGO Being Human and cared so less for a fellow human beings humble request.

      Respect…as you pointed out, is the keyword here.


  5. Bella says:

    Hi, sorry to hear that, but one question is stuck in my head… Why did you not address this earlier? Why now when the other incident happened you came out with this story? Just very curious, also by just moving away from him is not really taking a stand. You should have brought this matter out or at least wrote about it. I am not trying to insult you, so please don’t take it the wrong way… I am not his fan, so I don’t give a monkey’s behind what is written. I just wished people like him should be shown to the world right away. Hiding behind the BS of charity.

    • amritaspeaks says:

      Hi Bella,
      Thank you for your comment. Yes, i should have probably written about this earlier but when this incident happened I didn’t have a blog and newspapers and magazines don’t usually publish experiences like this. I wrote about this experience now because what happened with photographers in Mumbai reminded me of that experience. Also, I think I took my stand subtly. Saying that I don’t want to sit next to a superstar because he is smoking is a good enough stand for me, i don’t need to shout from the rooftops all the time to take a stand. Anyway, keeping my baby safe was foremost on my mind at that point of time and nothing else actually mattered. Lastly, exposing Salman Khan is not the purpose of my blog, writing my own experience is – it is upon the reader to deduce.

      I hope I have answered all your questions.



  6. Interesting. I like the irony in the middle of the post. Must be interesting to meet people like this and then keep a cool head.

    • amritaspeaks says:

      Thank you Madhura,

      Yes at times it’s hard to keep your cool because there have been so many instances like this. But I guess when u r on the job u learn.

      Stay well


  7. Khalil Sawant says:

    I think you inhaled a bit of the smoke, and thats why your son is a Salman fan 😀

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